Panning Films is a wedding cinematography and photography company that has been established in 2017. We are based out of the Pacific Northwest. It's our goal to tell the story of your wedding day and capture it with the emotion and happiness that you will be able to share and cherish for years to come. It will be captured on multiple camera's with a minimum of 2 camera operators on the day. Along with full audio recordings so you can relive the full experience of your wedding time and time again. 

Here are the things you can expect from us...

1. Pre wedding meeting to talk about my creative process and details about capturing the day. 

2. I always like to schedule an “interview” day that I will record audio from the bride and groom on a day before the wedding just to have for the editing process. Very quick and easy not much more than an hour. 

3. There will be two different edits delivered to you. The first will be the overall of the whole day that will most likely be the main film you will be sharing with friends and family. The second will be an edit with the entire ceremony. Both are sharable of course. Completely up to you to pick which one.